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Camping Puntizela AirphotoThe campsite offer in Pula include 4 larger campsite all situated in the vicinity of the town or in Fazana a small town north of Pula, non of the 4 large camps are nudist campsites. In addition to the large campsites there are a fairly larger number of mini campsites in Pula and the surrounding area. On our campsite list we currently have included 11 mini camps.

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Larger Campsites in Pula area:

Camping Bi-Village Fazana1.100 Pitches, rental of Bungalows, apartments and Mobile Homes, camping Bi-village is situated in Fazana 7 km from Pula.
Camping Pineta Fazana600 Pitches, capacity of 1.800 campers, situated 2 km from Fazana and 8 km from Pula.
Camping Puntizela Pula-Stinjan400 Pitches, capacity of 1.200 campers, camp is situated 8 km from Pula and less then 5 km from Fazana.
Camping Stoja Pula759 Pitches, capacity of 2.150 campers, rental of Mobile homes, camping Stoja is situated 3 km from the centre of Pula

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Small Campsites in the Pula area:

Camping Brajdice Pula
Camping Hrastovec Pula
Camping Karlo Pula
Camping Kazun Pula
Camping Laguna Pula
Camping Luka Krnica Pula
Camping Milan Yachting Pula
Camping Mira Banjole
Camping Postolovic Pula
Camping Sandra Pula
Camping Vega Pula

Photos of campsites in the Pula area:

Camp Stoja Istria Camping Pineta Fazana Camp Stoja Pula