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Pula airport is situated less then 10 km from the city centre in Pula, the airport is very small and not particularly modern, but as a holiday hub it works …

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Campsites in Pula and the souround area, informaiton about camping facilities

How to get to Pula

How to travel to Pula, with car, with bus or with plane from of the 5 neareast airports

Hotels in Pula

Evaluation of Hotels in the Pula area, prices, recommendation and information

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The Pula Arena, the roman Forum and other sights to see during a holiday in Pula


Vacationrentals in Pula, find Apartments and Villas of varius sizes in Pula

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Pula sights to see

Pula Arena (2)

Despite the rough history of Pula, with numerous different rules and several devastating attacks on the city, some of the ancient building has managed to survive partly in remarkable good …

Pula history of the city

Pula Arena view on Bay

The history of Pula starts way back, actually up to a million years ago, hominid remain dating back that far was found in a cave close to Pula, pottery documents …